Ledge Square Wall Fixture List $195

LEDge’s beauty lies in the economy of its form. The lightweight metal sconce measures in at roughly a ⅜-inch thickness and consists solely of two pieces: the solid-cast body with integrated heat sink, and an opaque PMMA lens to diffuse the LEDs inside. LEDge’s clean-cut design, drawn up as an intersection between two geometric planes, fits nicely into a range of settings: bathroom vanity to commercial hallway, bedside reading lamp to hotel lobby. Its flexibility extends further in options of upward or downward installation and an array of surface finishes. Ledge is now suitable for wet locations facing down.
Cast aluminum LED housing, molded PMMA lens

1 × 8.5W LED
2200K–3500K LED
640 lumen source min 80 CRI

8.5W power consumption
390 lumens (delivered)
100–120V input 50/60Hz
220-240V input 50/60Hz (optional)

TRIAC dimming 10-100%
recommended dimmer

5" Dia. x 3" Depth
127mm Dia x 75mm Depth

Product Weight
2.5 lb / 1.14 kg