Crisp Wall Ceiling Fixture List $250

Crisp is a simple, contemporary option for a flush-mounted light, molded from solid glass and fit for installation in the ceiling or wall and is suitable for wet locations. Its grooved front face, which brings to mind the ruffles of a potato crisp, serves to cast light over a more expansive area and add a subtle texture to interiors.
Cast glass, anodized aluminum LED housing

1 × 8.5W LED
2200K–3500K LED
640 lumen source min 80 CRI

8.5W power consumption
215 lumens (delivered)
100–120V input 50/60Hz
220-240V input 50/60Hz (optional)

TRIAC dimming 10-100%
recommended dimmer

5" Dia. x 3" Depth
127mm Dia x 75mm Depth

Product Weight
3.0 lb. / 1.63 kg.