A few words about us


Probelle is about simplifying the process.

We're about an honest and direct approach to project management. We're about providing a one stop shop for all of your office start up or remodeling needs. Probelle provides a no nonsense approach to finding solutions and we’ve doing it successfully for over three decades.

There are thousands of elements that make up the creation of that perfect office space. At Probelle, our many years of experience allow us to carefully consider all of those important elements and skillfully coordinate them to completion of each and every project. Our specialty is medical offices (since 1989), but we also do all types of corporate and hospitality projects.

We can assist you in locating the right space, arranging the best financing, and providing factory direct pricing on the right furniture and equipment for your particular needs.

Choose one of our many services, or choose them all for a true turnkey solution.

Why Choose Probelle?


When choosing a company to make your project a reality, you want someone who has successfully been doing commercial interiors for many years. Michael Levy has been doing medical office projects (our specialty) since 1989! Matt Aroozi, our IT Specialist, has been working within that industry for over ten years. Our furniture expert, Marc Howard, has been working in and around commercial furniture and accessories since 1973. Our experienced team at Probelle has completed projects such as yours many times in the past. Let us bring that know-how to your project.


When using the traditional method of opening a new business, you would probably contact dozens of vendors to complete the job. You would be dealing with real estate agents, commercial lenders, architects & interior designers, general contractors, furniture salespeople, equipment salespeople and many more.
Why turn your “dream” into a nightmare when you can hire one company to handle the entire project?
Probelle is known in the industry as the turnkey medical office company! We handle all of the specialties mentioned above and more. We are your one-stop-shop for getting your facility set up on time and within the agreed upon budget.


Budget Guarantee
After completing the CEF Process (Questionnaire and Contract) you will arrive at a budget figure to complete the project and open your doors for business. Simply put, we will not exceed your budget as long as you request no significant change orders along the way. In most cases, we can do the job for less. There are no surprises.


Factory Direct Relationships
Because of our numerous factory direct relationships, we are able to sell you products such as furniture, flooring, lighting, and equipment for up to 50% off the normal retail prices. We purchase direct from the factory and pass that considerable savings on to you. We even have local manufacturing capabilities that give Probelle tremendous control over quality and availability. We pride ourselves in our factory direct relationships. We appreciate our loyal suppliers and they value Probelle!

Our team

  • Michael Levy

    Michael Established Probelle in 1989 with a vision of helping set-up Medical offices. Since then he has expanded Probelle to corporate and hospitality.   Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn...

  • Matt

    Matt has been with Probelle Since 2010 managing the IT division for all Computer, Networking, Security Cameras and Audio/Video Equipment for our clients.  ...

  • Lauren


  • Gabriella Kashani

    Gabriella has been with Probelle since 2013 managing hospitality projects...