Seca 514 Body Composition Analyzer List $14600

Professional Body Composition Analyzer Scale

Measures intra/extracellular water, body fat, skeletal muscle mass
Clinically validated accuracy compares to scientific gold standards used in clinical studies
Reproducible measurements ensure accuracy
Hand-held electrodes mounted in standing aid for enhanced stability
Provides measurements in 20 seconds or less
mBCA utilizes four comparative methods to achieve precise results
8.4 inch touch screen display for convenient use with wireless 360 software
mBCA 514 is equipped with Seca wireless 360 for EMR transmission
Touch screen display may be rotated 360 degrees for physician to patient sharing and discussion
Weight capacity of 660 lbs (300 kg)
Large, easy access weighing platform constructed of safety glass for easy cleaning
Automatic electrode detection - makes measurement only when all electrodes are properly contacted
Includes Seca Analytics 115 software for transmission of data from mBCA to PC


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