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Medley Composition Workstation

Chrome structure with T leg D80cm D31.49" for cluster configurations(for tops with length 140cm-200cm;55.11"-78.74")L of structure 140cm-200cm;55.11"-78.74" 4ea $1,340.00 total $5,360.00 Straight desk top L180cm D80cm L70.86" D31.49"(wenge) 4ea $546.00 total $2,184.00 Supporting container without doors with 1 shelf to be used under desktop or as extension L160cm D40cm H70cm L23.62" D15.74" H27.55"(lacquered green color)…
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Funny page Benching Composition

The Funny metal U leg has a minimalist shape characterized by clear lines and a lightweight construction. The individual workspaces are efficient and free of barriers: new places for communication and operations. Mid open shelving unit with 1 shelf,including open shelving unit L80cm D40cm H110cm L31.49" D15.74" H43.30" 12 ea $1,218.00¬† total $14,616.00 Straight desk…
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Clear Design Blade System Assorted Pricing

BLADE Open Plan Workstations are redefining corporate culture one desk at a time. Our design team created the BLADE concept with your growth in mind. Because of BLADE's sleek, minimalist design, it takes up less space than traditional systems. Instead of purchasing more real estate, BLADE is designed to adapt to your space. With endless…
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