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Expanding a law firm? Opening a new real estate office? Probelle understands the corporate image. With our extensive resources and factory direct pricing we can create that exciting and positive environment that visually speaks volumes to your clients about who you are and what your company is all about.

And we do it all within your predetermined budget by utilizing either previously owned and/or brand new products.


Healthcare has been Probelle’s forte since 1989. Please review our impressive and extensive client list.

From small clinics to the who’s who in the healthcare world, Probelle has been successfully completing medical projects all over the United States.

No one does turn-key medical offices like Probelle Interiors Development Group……the one-stop-shop for medical office start ups.


Are you building or refurbishing an old hotel? Opening a new restaurant? From the public spaces to the rooms, Probelle can handle your project. Unlike most healthcare and corporate design, hospitality design presents a unique set of demands. Furniture not only must be commercial grade, but it must withstand extremely high traffic abuse. Understanding that special need and taking great care to specify the appropriate high impact products will insure many years of use before the inevitable refurbish. Let Probelle handle your next hospitality project!



Probelle can handle all of your IT, telecommunication, and audiovisual needs!

Talk to our specialists about security cameras, background audio/music, computers and network set up, Wi-Fi coverage, TV setups and phone systems. We do it all! And we do it professionally and within the agreed upon budget.

Why deal with a half dozen different vendors when Probelle can handle it all as part of the overall project.

CEF Concept

Probelle has developed a CEF Questionnaire and CEF Contract.

Our team will meet with the client at any time that is convenient. That includes evenings and weekends. We understand how challenging your schedules can be.

Once the Questionnaire and Contract are finalized and the client approves the budget, the project will get underway.


Consultation – Probelle personnel will spend time with the client to determine the desired goals. It is in these initial meetings that we clearly identify what the client wants. How many seats in the waiting room? How many exam rooms do you require? What procedures will be performed? Do you want a private office? Flooring questions….window treatment questions…..color likes & dislikes……will you be selling product……special medical equipment needs……do you require sinks in all exam rooms……the CEF questionnaire will assist us in clearly understanding your vision. The knowledge gained from these consultations will ultimately guide us to creating the final design of your new medical office at our agreed upon guaranteed budget.

There are absolutely no charges to you for these hours of consultation.


Essentials – The completion of the CEF Questionnaire will allow the client to identify what is truly essential in the new office and what may not be needed initially. Perhaps a previously owned and reupholstered exam table versus new would work. What medical equipment is absolutely essential? How many security cameras are needed? Do you need one or two guest chairs in each exam room? Do you need specialty refrigeration in your lab area? Do you want to market & sell product? If so…

All of these essential questions will determine what Probelle presents to you for your consideration, and during this entire process, Probelle is being extremely sensitive to your budget.

There are absolutely no charges to you for these hours of essentials consultation.


Financials –After these extensive consultations and identification of essential needs, talk will turn to overall finances and how the client would prefer to cover the costs of the project.

Does the client want to pay out of pocket or does the client want to finance all or a portion the project?

Probelle’s has extensive contacts in the banking and lending markets. Whether you want to finance just the real estate & build out, just the FF&E (furniture/fixture/equipment), or both, Probelle can walk you through the process of possibly acquiring 100% financing.

There are absolutely no charges to you for these hours of financials consultation.