Funny page Benching Composition

The Funny metal U leg has a minimalist shape characterized by clear lines and a lightweight construction. The individual workspaces are efficient and free of barriers: new places for communication and operations.

Mid open shelving unit with 1 shelf,including open shelving unit L80cm D40cm H110cm L31.49" D15.74" H43.30" 12 ea $1,218.00  total $14,616.00

Straight desk with beam for connection to desk high shelving unit L160cm D80cm H72cm L62.99" D31.49" H28.34" 4 ea $912.00 total $3,648.00

High cabinets with 2 doors and lock L90cm D45cm H210cm L35.43" D17.71" H82.67" 5 ea $1,416.00 total $7,080.00