• Cork Series

    Cork Series

    Cork Series mimics the traditional look of cork in a waterproof and pet-friendly product that…

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  • KFI Series

    KFI Series

    KFI Series “Registered Emboss” gives a beautifully refined look unlike any other embossing available. Click…

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  • Fabric series

    Fabric series

    Fabric Series. Free Lay 36" x 36" 5mm 22mil WL List $5.95 sqft Drop Lock…

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  • Leather Series

    Leather Series

    Leather Series is a classy collection that blends well with wood or multiple other collections…

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  • Kamo Series

    Kamo Series

    Our product designers were inspired by the complex beauty of mother nature in every day…

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  • Vertical Bamboo Series

    Vertical Bamboo Series

    Vertical Bamboo Series offers the modern design and durability of the bamboo look without the…

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  • Shades of Grey Series

    Shades of Grey Series

    Our Shades of Grey flooring offers many incredible looking commercial grade luxury vinyl flooring patterns…

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  • Rough Sawn Series

    Rough Sawn Series

    Choose from ten different swatches for dramatic, commercial grade luxury vinyl flooring! Maintain a distinctive…

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  • Hardwood Series

    Hardwood Series

    Hardwood Collection features a wide variety of popular wood-look patterns as well as durable, hard…

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