Shades of Grey Series

Our Shades of Grey flooring offers many incredible looking commercial grade luxury vinyl flooring patterns of various wood species, all in tasteful tones of grey. So whether in a large atrium, rooms, hallways or entrances, Shades of Grey Luxury vinyl flooring compliments design and style, and still provides durability for commercial, high traffic areas. In addition to the wonderful design solutions and easy installation, our real-wood-look vinyl flooring is very easy to maintain and is long lasting.

Free Lay 9" x 48" 5mm 22mil WL List $5.95 sqft

Glue Down 6" x 48" 2mm 8mil WL List $2.95 sqft

Glue Down 8" x 48" 2mm 8mil WL List $2.95 sqft

Click 7" x 48" 5mm 22mil WL List $6.55 sqft

+$0.55' for 2mm EVA foam - Attached

+$0.75' for 3mm  EVA foam - Attached

+$0.75' for 1.5mm Cork - Attached

+$1.25' for 3mm Cork - Attached

620 Shades of Grey


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