Kamo Series

Our product designers were inspired by the complex beauty of mother nature in every day scenery.  This collection is a perfect example of how Kamo Flooring is 100% customizable – this design comes from a photo taken of some underbrush on the side of a mountain.  The designers chose the photo that captured their inspiration the best, added some custom color schemes and voila, the Kamo was born.

For any one who loves the outdoors or just wants to add a little nature to their everyday manufactured life, the Kamo collection is a brilliant customized flooring you can’t get anywhere else.

Free Lay 12" x 48" 5mm 22mil WL List $5.95 sqft

Free Lay 18" x 18" 5mm 22mil WL List $5.95 sqft

Free Lay 9" x 48" 5mm 22mil WL List $5.95 sqft

+$0.55' for 2mm EVA foam - Attached

+$0.75' for 3mm  EVA foam - Attached

+$0.75' for 1.5mm Cork - Attached

+$1.25' for 3mm Cork - Attached

820 Kamo Collection

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