ASI Grab Bar 36″ List $67

The ASI 3201-36P is a straight grab bar that measures 1-1/2 inches in diameter. The bar is 36 inches long and features a peened gripping surface. The grab bar is crafted from 18-gauge stainless steel tubing that has an attractive satin finish to cut down on fingerprints, while still giving the unit an attractive gleam. At either end of the grab bar is a flange that is 3 inches in diameter. Each flange is made from type-304, 11-gauge stainless steel and is securely herliarc welded to the stainless steel tubing. To mount the grab bar, two tenon plates are included with the unit and are mounted to a wall, shower stall or partition with 1/4-inch bolts (not included). Measuring 1/2 of an inch in depth, the flange is secured to a concealed tenon plate with three stainless steel allen head screws. The tenon plates are made of 13-gauge stainless steel and have three slotted screw slots.